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Welcome to "Racing Fantasy", the community for Motorsport Real People Fanfiction challenges.

All posts in this community are set in "Friends only" security, so you have to join the community to read it. By joining the community you must be fine with RPF and RPS!

# This community is slash friendly. Slash is allowed, slash is encouraged!
# This community deals with Real People Fanfiction. If you don't like it, don't join!
# General fiction or "het" fiction is allowed, though Mary Sues are not!
# Not only F1 fiction is allowed here, any other motorsport is welcome :)

This community is inspired by various 100, 25, 30, 50 fics communities that don't allow Real People fiction though. And 100 fics are too much for some, so here is the community where you can choose less fics to write :)

Read more here after you joined the community!

Disclaimer: The stories in this community are 100 % not true! They are only happening in our pervy minds and have nothing to do with reality.

Note: This is the sister site of f1slash, not a new community and you are more than welcome to cross-post your fics to both places :)